Modern vs. Contemporary

Have you ever wondered what the difference between “modern design” and “contemporary design” is? In this post, I will elaborate on these terms.   Modern “Modern” design refers to design that originated during the Modernist period, which lasted from 1900-1960. Modernism rejected traditional embellishments and decoration and emphasized simplicity and clarity of forms. Industrially produced […]


Retro Interior Design

Have you ever wondered what “retro” means? The Cambridge Dictionary defines retro as “similar to styles, fashions, etc. from the past”. Scandinavian, Industrial, Zen and Art Deco are styles that have have undergone a resurgence in popularity in recent years. As a result of this renewed interest I will be discussing these styles in this […]


African Interior Design

In African Interior Design, textures take a cue from natural materials, like clay, stone, timber and thatch. The colours used are warm and earthy and include various tones of ochre, yellow, brown, red, burgundy, black and white. Animals and their skins are used throughout: nguni, leopard and zebra. We see traditional crafts, i.e. basket making, […]


Classic Interior Design

Classic interior design has a timeless, enduring appeal. What does “Classic” mean in the interior design context? In this post, I will be exploring this. Classical or classicism means the principles or style embodied in the literature, art, or architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Classic design is defined as : “Traditional” and “Enduring” by Merriam-Webster. […]